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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crafting with Kids - Rock Painting

 Mother's Day painted rock

Are you looking for a fun and inexpensive eco-craft to do with your kids? Try rock painting! The main ingredient comes from nature. Just gather up some rocks from around the yard and a little non-toxic paint and let their imagination take over! Have them pick smooth rocks with flat surfaces. Clean the rocks with some water and a scrub brush. Let them dry.

Paint a neutral canvas so their design will stand out and let that dry. Give them some paint brushes and let them loose! Show off their rocks in your garden when they are complete. These cute rocks make great gifts for Mom, Dad, or Grandparents!

Here is a tip: Use a recycled lid for your paint pallet. It will rinse off easy when they are done!

My boys are always interested in what I am doing and when I craft it is no different. My oldest son Ty thought it was great to be able to paint like Mommy!

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